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stream of effluence

well, i’m limping back to some semblance of health. sorta. still experiencing drainage issues, but the cough is mostly breaking up and although there’s little in the way of energy, i am able to get through the workday.

but that’s not what i want to type about. problem is, i keep drawing blanks. everything is mundane. work is work. home is home. rut is rut and that’s where i seem to be…so firmly entrenched in this rut, i’m starting to think of design options.

i am now one of the moderators on susun weed’s forums. moderators do very little really, just sorta make sure no spam or porn or vicious arguments break out and disrupt the flow of wisdom. so, i’m co-moderating the announcements and herbal medicine chest forums. it’s such an easy and nice change from my experiences as the owner of the politics list. i thought when i passed on the ownership of that list to others that i’d be happy to participate as a member, but i found i couldn’t stand even that. such a negative and damaged place…i never went back. i’m so much happier and healthier at susun weed’s site.

some thoughts on tinctures:
* homemade tinctures are definitely better than store-bought
*lemon balm tincture is simply beautiful stuff
*elderflowers gently soothe flu-abused lungs
*cleavers may stick to your pants but the tincture unsticks the gunk
*skullcap keeps the lid on (promotes sanity) and eases headache, muscle tension/spasms
*motherwort calms and nurtures

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