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Irresponsible dog owners…

My son, Michael was walking his dogs, Moogi and Wil Friday night around 6:00. As he passed a house a couple blocks from his home, a woman let her black lab out into her fence-free yard whereupon the dog attacked Michael. Michael was bit on his hand and thigh.

He called me from the hospital where he was being treated. They washed out his wounds and then injected each puncture with rabies immune globulin. I heard him scream. Not a sound any mother wants to hear over the phone!

As of now, we don’t know if animal control has bothered to impound the dog, but since Michael is in the Air Force, I kinda think there will be some sort of followup. At least I hope so, because that dog was totally out of control and if it had been a child or even a teenager walking their dog, they could have been killed.

my poor boy…

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