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of peas and beans

i haven’t had much to say of late. it’s not that things haven’t happened or that i haven’t been *thinking* or *doing,* but that i just haven’t had anything to say about it.
today i gardened. i gardened all day. i planted basil, cabbage, kale, spinach, chard, peas, beans, brussel sprouts, rosemary and strawberries. i made little brick walkways within one of the raised beds so that i don’t have to tread on the soil, disturbing the lives below. i moved two blueberries to a happier place.
it was a truly wonderful day. a day of my dreams.

and tomorrow…
my plans to do more are no more. instead i’ll be feverishly cleaning the house and food shopping to entertain my sister and her in-laws for the first bbq of the season.

which is good.

digging and planting can wait a day.

and that is a wonderful thing.

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