e-coli of convenience

my idea of convenience food is triple-washed, bagged lettuce and baby spinach. i love the convenience and fusslessness of it. it’s so much easier to grab a couple handfuls of baby lettuce than to core the head of lettuce, wash, dry and rip.

imagine my dismay to find out that my ONLY convenience food is potentially deadly.

apparently, next to raw meat, bagged and cut lettuce is the most likely food source to be contaminated with e-coli. and, even tho’ this is the first i’ve heard of it (Dateline NBC), contaminated lettuce has been a problem since the 90s…maybe even earlier.

so, i’d like to warn you all that we need to go back to the OLD way of making our salads. buy UNCUT, locally grown lettuce, hopefully from known sources and eat it immediately. if you must store it, do so without washing or cutting so that those nasty e-coli buggers don’t have an easier time contaminating your food. wash well and tear just before eating. your best bet is to cook most of your greens (especially spinach).

here’s a link with some useful info and helpful links.


i should have known my romance with prewashed, bagged lettuce couldn’t last. i suppose i’ll probably carry this to the point where i won’t eat any lettuce unless i grow it myself.

and of course, i’ll be in a whorl of worry until i’m sure my dad and sister don’t suffer from the salad i served them tonight.


3 thoughts on “e-coli of convenience

  1. johngorentz says:

    Approximately how many people have died or otherwise had their lives disrupted by prewashed lettuce? (I ask myself the same sort of question when I consider riding my bike through a not-so-nice part of a town. I remind myself of all the people who go there and DON’T get shot or mugged.)

    1. lsaboe says:

      how many have died? not sure, i *think* i remember 2 died in one account, but i could be wrong. as for having their lives disrupted, several hundred, but they did say there could be more that simply weren’t reported. the Dateline story was interesting because they actually were able to trace the particular strain of e-coli to all the people who fell sick to Dole bagged lettuce. needless to say, Dole is being sued.
      you are a voice of reason in your approach whereas i tend to get all in a tizzy, waving my arms while saying, “danger danger will robbins.” 😉
      what this really tells me is that the more we muck with things, the more potential there is for problems to occur. this is why i find i get closer to the source in my approach with each passing season. it takes hardly any effort at all to grow my own lettuce out on my little deck.
      my general motto where food is concerned is, “don’t eat anything with ingredients.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    a convenient way to get e-coli
    Hi Linda,
    Yeah, I saw the report. Makes me sad … I like that bagged lettuce, too!
    Check out my blog. I have photos of the Eyes Wide Open across Pa memorial that was at West Chester Friends yesterday.
    i’m tired of this war.

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