stupid human tricks…

i no longer even try to figure out why people considered to be intelligent manage to waste so much time, energy and money when a simple fix would be cheap and easy.

take cloning cattle…i’m sure you’ve all heard that the FDA said milk and meat from cloned cattle is safe and we all trust in them the way we trust in god.

well, a couple years ago a group of scientists worked on cloning cattle in an effort to produce a cow that is immune from mad cow disease.

given that mad cow disease is caused by forcing cows to eat the dead bodies of other cows, sheep, pigs that are infected with the disease (they call this contaminated feed, i call it cannibalistic madness) why not just STOP grinding up downer animals and using it as food? spend a few pennies feeding the cattle a NATURAL diet of grass instead of spending millions trying to make a better cow?

i know i know…that’s not the way of the modern factory farm. how could i even entertain the idea that they would allow cows to eat and live cowlike when a buck is to be made and a bottom line preserved? i am embarrassed that i even thought that feeding cows a diet of grass would be the answer–too simple and not at all dramatic!

anyway, once the clones are producing for the well-suited and coiffed “farmer” the marketers will come in and make the paying public just giddy about the opportunity of paying MORE for milk and meat that is guaranteed not to make them sick and die.

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  • Anonymous

    Much as I hate to sound so cynical, but just as recent history (Vioxx scandal) shows that the FDA protects the pharmaceutical industry rather than the consumer, I truly believe it’s the same with the Dept. of Agriculture. It protects the agricultural industry. They certify first and ask questions later.


  • descartes_rock

    I couldn’t have said it better. You should join us vegetarians.


    • lsaboe

      already have. i’ve been a vegetarian since ’89. altho’ i must confess that since my poor husband’s cholesterol is scary, we have added a little fish to the diet, but with all the mercury and pcb’s, it’s mostly just wild alaskan salmon (in season).


  • brni

    perhaps there’s just not enough grass to keep all the mcwendy’s kings well stocked


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