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the power of symbols

The Doomsday Clock.

The smartest people in the world think we’re doomed, and they made a clock back in 1947, four years before I was born, to show the not so smart how much time we had left if we don’t change our warring ways.


Oh yes, this has always been a scary thing. The simple, benign hands of a clock; the regular sound of ticking and tocking; the swing of the pendulum.

Why is this so scary? Edgar knew.

Add darkness. Add a pit. Add the inevitable end of the world as we know it.

The scientists and other smart people are worried. They might even be angry, I would bet. I know I am. I grew up with this fake clock, the one that the smart people use to tap the ignorant between the eyes, to wake them up. The smart people know that we need symbols to make things real. But I’m afraid that the deciders and the occupants and the ones who have the big, fat sticks aren’t moved by symbols anymore. The ones we think are reasonable have so much money in the oil barrels that they are willing to destroy the environment and the world be damned. The ones who don’t want the western devils to dip their sticks in their oil are so fanatical that they would like nothing better than to blow themselves up and take the rest of us with them and the world be damned.

They don’t realize that the planet can make out just fine without us. Life as WE know it is what’s threatened, OUR world, not the earth itself. The earth, the planet, will be fine. New magic is in the works.

hmmm…those life forms didn’t work out as well as hoped. Here, these should do a bit better.

Steven Hawkins thinks that global warming is more immediately dangerous than nuclear war, and the clock ticks.
While our greed and stupidity warms the globe with the foul discharge of burned blood, and the clock tocks.

I’m sure the powers that be in Washington, Korea, Iran, wherever, don’t give a damn. No, they are so full of power, so secure in the knowledge that they are saving the world (resources) for their own ends (as in bottom lines) that they don’t see the truth behind the symbol. They don’t hear the dying world, they don’t smell the rot that is just under their noses. What the rational failed to prove, the greed of capitalism has made impotent. They broke the magical grip of the symbol. The clock has no hold on them anymore. Greed broke its arms.

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