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make them stop!!!!

global warming:

the scientific community came out in one, dire voice proclaiming that global warming is a FACT, is OUR FAULT, and must be addressed within the next 10 years or we will have no way out.

and the bush admin said it refuses to make energy cuts mandatory.

cervical cancer:

a short while ago, we found out that cervical cancer is caused by human papilloma virus, which is sexually transmitted. now, Texas wants to FORCE sixth grade girls to be vaccinated against this virus.

this vaccine was fast-tracked through approval. do YOU really trust the FDA and Merck to insure the safety of this vaccine given their track record (i.e., vioxx)? but more importantly, do you really think the government has the right to force women to be vaccinated from something that MEN carry?

methinks Merck is trying to recoup their losses and they are using our cervixes to fix their bottom line.


i think it’s time to give full voice to RAGE AGAINST THIS MACHINE! especially us women. we are not Merck’s guinea pigs and our children’s world should not be destroyed by short-sighted, immoral government slaves to oil.

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