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11 days in a brace, 21 more to go

my days are too small and boring. i’m either pacing the floor, reclining in my chair or trying to find a comfortable position in bed. one moment i’m thrilled to be alive and healing and other moments i’m just sad and depressed and tired of pain. the one constant is that i hate my brace.

i’ve been home from the hospital for 11 days now and i’m really getting a bit crazy. because of the ice, rain and snow, i haven’t been able to walk outside for days. i can’t sit and paint or even draw for very long. my mind just drifts off into a fuzzy nowhere place. i’m sure this is because of all the pain meds, but still…

i may ask brni to shovel the snow drift away from the back door so that i can do nothing outside instead of in here. but he’s still sleeping…

it appears i’m in danger of rambling instead of writing. i will stop now and post this pitiful thing.

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