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old friends

When I was contemplating surgery, my mortality loomed up so close it nearly broke my nose. Now, it doesn’t take much for me to fret over my impending doom, but the fact that I was faced with a real and present risk of dying on a specific day was unnerving and scary and made my eyes leak tears without warning.

To be utterly cliche, since surviving death by surgeon, I’ve been thinking a lot about the past and the people who were part of mine. I’ve never been a gregarious person, being way too shy to collect a large group of friends, so thinking back on who I missed and wanted to get in touch with took very little time. I basically came up with only one person. So today I searched the phone book and called.

And she answered.

And it was wonderful to talk to her again and I truly hope we can stay in each other’s lives for good this time. Or for at least as long as we are here.

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