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so, i watched the democratic debate…

hmmm… a strange and odd mix of people are running for the democratic nomination, in no particular order.

Edwards: Has no moral leader, rather he gave an Oscar award acceptance speech.
Obama: All charisma and brilliant charm but not a *real* principle in sight. Didn’t once answer the question asked.
Clinton: Very proud of being a senator from New York. I hope she sticks with it.
Dodd: The only viable candidate for President of the United States (rather than just another “occupant”).
Kucinich: He’s wonderful. I’d love to take a yoga class with him (kukukachoo–i’m sorry, i couldn’t help it).
Biden: Smart, glib, arrogant. I like him. If Dodd dies, the only other viable candidate.
Richardson: Surprisingly smart and practical. There’s something slightly Truman-like about him. Maybe next time? Maybe VP? I like him third best.
That crazy man from Alaska: enuff said
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