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i must finish this before the repugs debate (ish)

ok, i don’t want to do it but i said i would so that means i must. i really wonder what all this keeping my word means in the grand scheme of things? i mean, besides the guilts. i’m so tired of it, i’m not even gonna edit for typos–please, proof as you go.


I had a bit of a shock when I searched for Edwards and Dodd to find their websites…they both had the same site template! Then I looked closer and saw it was an independent site called Freedom Works which lists “key issues” but in a search using the terms Dodd + candidate, or Edwards + candidate or any Lastname + candidate and you will see that the site will come up at the very top or maybe one down…but before a candidates actual web page. Troubling, but just a digression.

I was completely and utterly unimpressed with Edwards’ performance during the debate. He was so “handled” that I finally understood the need for the $400 haircut. Edwards is basically the Ken doll of the group. He tried so awfully hard to look smart and presidential but he only succeeded in looking made up. I can hardly remember what the hell he said about anything, though I do remember how his southern accent grew so much thicker when he was talked about his poor southern roots in response to the question about his fabulous haircut.

It amuses me that his website leads off with the statement, “Restoring America’s Moral Leadership in the World” since he fumbled the question of who his moral leader was during the debate. First, the embarrassingly long pause as he tried to think of someone with a moral character, then the statement that he couldn’t think of any one person and finally ending with the standard pap response that is the crux of every Academy Award acceptance speech. Gotta love those live TV moments.

I really can’t say much about the poor boy as his performance was dismal, he never made a connection to the audience (well, at least not to me) and I guess the boy’s heart just isn’t into it. He needs to mature and maybe get a real job or something.

Dodd, on the other hand is so presidential I want to touch his white mane. There is no flash or fashion, just taste and the air of experience. I’d never heard of him before the debate, so I found myself wondering who he was. After a little looking, I found out he’s got the experience he exudes: son of a Senator, Peace Corp volunteer, lawyer, and basically been working the Connecticut political scene for most of his life. I guess you gotta look presidential after all that and living in New England too.

One odd thing that struck me was the prominence in his web page/bio that he gives to his fluency in Spanish. In fact, *every* entry has a link to the Spanish translation. hmmm….
Could this be a little dig at the current selected president’s love of all things Mexican?. Think on it…Bush, looking at the camera, “Habla, heh heh (pause for smirk) Es-pan-yol?” Probably not, but the thought has me giggling for sure.

anyway…onto the issues, but damn…it’s hard and boring to report not much new.

I really like that Dodd leads off his section on issues with, “Energy and the Environment.” So I click on the link and get, “Requested page not found. We’re sorry, you are looking for something that seems to have moved. Feel free to contact us.”

sadly, i move on…

But later I went back for something else, found a link elsewhere and it worked.
Go here for his take on the environment (it’s pretty much predicatable):

Both Edwards and Dodd have the usual nothing to say about healthcare reform. Edwards has the audacity to promote his plan as “universal” which is an out and out lie and I hope everybody sees that. Dodd just calls for expanding access to affordable health insurance. um…yeah, right.

Dudes, unless you get the “for profit” out of the equation and admit that market-ruled health care is a disaster, you ain’t gonna fix squat.

Edwards surprised me again with poverty as his top issue. My brain knee-jerks with, ack! Johnson tried to eliminate poverty–looks around downtown–runs out to rural American–didn’t work. Poverty is still here. Intrigued, I read on.

Edwards boldly calls for a national effort to:

* Cut poverty by one third within a decade, lifting 12 million Americans out of poverty by 2016.
* End poverty within 30 years, lifting 37 million Americans out of poverty by 2036.

and this…sounding a bit more ominous, but still somewhat reasonable…

In the Working Society, everyone who is able to work hard will be expected to work and, in turn, be rewarded for it.

and then i turn up this little nugget…

Edwards suggested creating 1 million temporary jobs over five years. The jobs would be reserved for individuals who cannot find other work after six months of looking, pay the minimum wage, and last up to 12 months. In return, workers must show up and work hard, stay off drugs, not commit any crimes, and pay child support.

Well, there you have it. Poor people are lazy, unreliable druggies with criminal tendencies who refuse to support their children.

Ok, John dear, enough of you. You have shamed your poor heritage. And anyway, this is OLD stuff. Look way back to the days of Roosevelt and the WPA only without the insults to the character and integrity of the poor.

Education: Dodd is big on issues affecting children and he really seems sincere. He addresses all the usual with emphasis on early education, increased funding and special ed. Go here for more:

Iraq: Edwards? He bundled the Iraq question with his moral leadership stuff. I guess I’m just not interested in what he has to say. If you are, go here: First paragraph–not much.

Dodd outlined what he wants to do about Iraq in a speech at Providence College. It all sounded reasonable to me, but I need to think on it more. He strikes me as very moderate in his approach to all things and we are probably way past a moderate approach to the question of Iraq and the rest of the region. Go here for the speech:

So, basically, I’m done with the dems. The only ones who were at all intriguing were Richardson and Kucinich. If they can’t secure the nomination then Dodd would be the least offensive domestically and internationally. But the media is still hawking Clinton and Obama as if they’re the only ones playing.

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