so, i got a call from my son jesse tonight. he said, “hey mama, guess where i’m calling from? I’m in LA!”


we chat a bit, lightly passing over the fact that he hopped a plane and never told me. as he said, “i did you a favor so you wouldn’t worry.”
can we say, *career in politics or marketing?*

then he says, “i actually called for a reason.”
uh huh (i KNOW what’s coming).

“can you put $300 in my bank account? i’ll pay you back as soon as i get home.”

sure, kid. no problemo. let me get hold of brni, find out how much he has in his savings since i only have about 30 bucks in mine…and sure, i’ll rearrange things so that i can cover this thing, float that thing…no problem.


kids. can’t live with ’em. can’t shoot ’em.

but, ya gotta love ’em none the less.

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