loki doesn’t have cancer!

but we still don’t know what is causing her pain. she’s on prednisone now, and it is helping. i think what’s going on is a slipped or bulging or otherwise damaged disk in her back. a friend of mine in Texas says she’s seen many instances of dogs assuming their owners physical problems. sigh…what a thing to share.

anyway, the next step is to consider whether to continue with diagnostic testing to pinpoint the trouble (at great financial cost) or make an educated assumption that with no evidence of cancer or arthritis, and given the symptoms presented that she has a disk problem and treat it as such.

so maybe veterinary chiropractic or acupuncture or an herbal approach? or all three?

all i know is i want my puppy to be her happy, pain-free self.

4 thoughts on “loki doesn’t have cancer!

  1. jezebellydancer says:

    Yay!! No cancer! Let’s now hope it’s something easily dealt with. Still sending healing thoughts.
    Ugh prednisone. I can’t tolerate the stuff, even a child’s dosage. Makes me homicidal–I’m not joking. Ha, and people call me Harpy now, you should see me on prednisone. Bitch on wheels fer shur. Hope Loki tolerates it ok.

    1. lsaboe says:

      yeah, i had a massive reaction to injected cortisone before my surgery. steroids are very dangerous and unpredictable things.
      so far, the only reactions i’ve noted with loki is excessive drinking and she’s a bit more demanding than usual. she’ll be on them for another week or so.

  2. earlofgrey says:

    Goodness. The poor thing. The first time I hurt my back, the worst part was not really understanding what had happened, or what I could do to make it better or worse.

  3. notzathros says:

    Yeah, no cancer! Prednisone always worked for our dogs’ various hot spots, allergies and boo boos. Did make them hungry, thirsty and stupid(er) in the beginning of treatment. Hope it works for Loki. Keeping fingers crossed.

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