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just sharing the pain

our house is a construction zone. half of our life is in a “Pod” in the driveway and the other half (including us) is crammed into my little office/spare bedroom upstairs. this is where i spend my time, working and listening to sanders, hammers, blaring music sung to in spanish, serbian and english. sometimes they sing a different song than the one on the boombox, but always in a different language. it’s kinda cute and crazy and maybe just a little confusing.

so…i thought, well, since i’m stuck up here, i’d share the pain. if only you could taste the sawdust and drywall compound, it would make the experience complete.

i took some pictures of the before stuff. i’ll be posting more as the work progresses.

that is if i live.

here’s the living room, stripped down and ready to be primed for paint.

and all the stuff that used to make the kitchen go is…

is on the table in the sunroom. the lizard and birds are very unhappy with the intrusion.

the bedroom…waiting for both a new ceiling and a good floor refinishing. loki is unhappy with the latest stupid human tricks.

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