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spicy kitchen

so, we have progress in the kitchen! it’s not complete, still need to do tile the counters and floor, but but but…the painting and backsplash is done.

here’s the view from the living room.

and a look at the backsplash. the counters will be a lighter version of the backsplash using 12×12 tiles with a border of the darker backsplash tiles.

and my favorite part…my herb counter. all my magical herbs and roots that i use for teas, decoctions, infusions and medicine.


the bedroom is stalled at this point. the floor needs to be redone because our contractor used the wrong kind of sealer on the floor. aside from the toxic fumes that have made me rather ill, the stuff ain’t drying. so next week they have to strip it, resand and then polyurethane. ugh.

the basement is progressing nicely. the bathroom down there is being hooked up as i type. the walls are up, and removal of the old nasty tiles is in progress to prepare for laying down the new floor.

more pictures to come…

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