another vulture and no camera


since the last vulture encounter, i’ve been taking my camera with me everywhere i go.
no nothing.

so today, i go to the farm, forgetting my camera, and what happens? six black vultures cross my path causing me to slam on the breaks while they vulture-hop across the road to the very ripe lunch meat waiting for them in the field adjacent to the road.

did i mention i forgot my camera?

*another sigh*

4 thoughts on “another vulture and no camera

  1. dan_ad_nauseam says:

    To: Black Powder and Alcohol, Leslie Fish
    Black vultures are camera shy
    When they birds come and catch your eye
    They are seem to take wing and fly
    Black vultures are camera shy
    (Courtesy copy of lyrics sent to Leslie, as she generally requests, through John Creasey at Random Factors.)

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