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porto ‘n google

Brni and I went on a wine-run tonight and I decided to indulge in a nice (not outrageous) port. I stared helplessly at the two port wines I was interested in…a tawny port and a “founders reserve.” So, not knowing enough to make a reasonable choice, I asked the staff.

“What’s the difference between the tawny and the reserve port?”
“The price.”

So after a chuckle, he asked the man at the other register, “What’s the difference between the tawny port and the reserve?”
“I don’t know. The price?”

They then decided to ask the man in the booth which overlooks the rest of the store. “He doesn’t know anything but he has a computer and can google.”

By this time, Brni had found his whiskey and we decided to try the Founders Reserve port. We paid, left and headed back to the car when the second guy came running out and said, “Color! He googled it and the difference is the color of the wine.”


I’ve since found there’s more to it than color, but the trip was fun.

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