waiting for the weather

Yesterday was hot and windy while we waited for hurricane Hannah to move closer. A couple gutter guards blew off the roof. I moved plants, bird feeders and anything that could become a projectile off the deck, pinning them down safely under the porch, while Brni fixed things up on the roof.

Loki woke up around 4 AM asking to go out. I had expected her to rush down to pee, but instead she slowly walked out the back stopping and sniffing the entire perimeter of the deck, then went down to inspect the backyard. The sky was gray and overcast, but strangely brighter than it should have been. I waited, tapping out the rhythm to an old 50s rock and roll song that has been plaguing my head for days now. Finally, I whistled her in. I mean, it’s after 4 AM and I want to go back to bed. She got up again around 7. Brni’s turn.

Up at 9, sipping coffee, I went out to get the paper. The sky is still a uniform gray and the air is deadly still and full of water, though it’s not raining. Four crows are sitting on the dead branches of a maple across the street. The youngest crow is nervously complaining about the coming storm. I understand. Waiting for weather has gotten to everyone it seems.

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