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So, for the past week, Action News and the other branded news and weather broadcasters have been predicting frigid arctic cold blanketing the Delaware Valley — any day now.
Today was supposed to *be the day* the cold hits. I went outside this morning in my bare feet to test the cold.

not so bad.
I figured, well, maybe it’s supposed to get dangerously cold later in the day.

So, later in the day I donned heavy jacket, gloves, scarf, etc., went outside and promptly went back in the house to shed the aforementioned outerwear and slipped into my bright orange ‘tween jacket. No need for gloves or scarf.

So, now they say the cold will hit any minute now. Be prepared. Be scared.
I’m so tired of the media turning every minor shift or event into a national emergency.

I have advice to de-wimpify yourself:
go outside.
when it’s cold.
it’s good for you.

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