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spinning wheels and flying seats

Today was exciting! I started a new ceramics class called “Raku Madness.” I was given my first lesson on the wheel and managed to throw 8 very tiny, somewhat lopsided pots. Feeling disappointed in my output, I was assured that I did very well for a first attempt. I’m not so sure, but pottery people are very kind and I decided to accept their kind words as true.

I also finished a small clay rabbit that I started yesterday, which will take a good long while to dry out before I can put it in the kiln. Normally, you need to hollow them out, but my teacher thinks it’s small enough that it won’t explode as long as it’s very very dry.

At the end of class, we all clean up the work area so that it’s ready for the next group. I noticed that everyone put their stool upside-down on top of the wheel and then the foot pedal in the stool. What I didn’t notice is that they turn the pedal switch off before picking it up. Yes, yes, when I touched the pedal, the wheel started spinning and the stool went flying off! Luckily, it hit my hip and ricocheted to the ground rather than flying off into the other students behind me.

Anyway, I think this will be a really fun class (as long as the stools stay put).

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