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thunderful blizzard part deux

What fun! Another 18″-24″ of snow is expected by the end of the day. Started last night around 6 or 7pm and has been going great guns, with a bit of sleet, thunder and lightning thrown in. Now, I remember thundersnow happening in NM on many occasions, but this is only about the second time I’ve experienced it in this neck of the woods. Kinda cool actually. Just nature reminding us of who’s really in charge.

Brni tried his hand at one armed snow removal this morning. He posted a tutorial here:

Before I took over shoveling the back of the car out, brni told me to grab the camera. Some rather amazing ice formations developed on the grill of my car.

Those little horizontal lines are actually ice and nothing more. Click on any of the photos to go to flickr to see a larger, more detailed view. Really kinda cool!

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