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Jesse’s head

I dislike seeing such negative dad stuff when i log in, so I give you…

Jesse’s head

So, my kid went camping in MD and one of the guys he was with was chopping wood — with a rock. Said kid got tired and asked Jess to finish chopping. So Jesse took hold of the rock and brought it down hard on the wood.
And the wood shattered and one of the shattered pieces struck him in the head.

So, here’s Jesse’s wounded head…

pass the pillow

last night i had a dream that i had taken dad to his doctor appointment and as we were leaving the examining room, i proceeded to the doctor’s consulting office to speak with him, but there was a different doctor occupying his office and he was stuck in the first office which was much smaller. i asked the nurse why the change, and she said that this new, evil doctor came into the practice and just moved all Boschetti’s stuff out and took over the bigger office.

so today i took dad to his doctor appointment and as we were going back to the examining room, his doctor was sitting in the smaller office. it was exactly the same as in my dream, although the reason for the switch was not nearly so sinister.

this is the second psychic dream i’ve had since using this particular dream pillow mixture. so, for everyone i gave a dream pillow to for xmas — PAY ATTENTION!

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