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toxic clean-up day

my mood is swinging all over the place. i’m calm one minute and frantic the next. can’t get dad’s crisis out of my head. the fact that i have to go through cleaning up after him and dumping his toxic waste of a life *again* has me very angry. and of course, there’s nothing i can do with that except work through it. it would help if i could sleep. bleh.

today brni and i will head on over to dad’s MRSA-infested apartment and start the process of bagging up all the trash and sorting through the stuff that needs to be dealt with. we have to figure out how to dispose of all the upholstered stuff since it is beyond the point where it can be cleaned. that’s 2 recliners, 1 old chair, mattress, box spring, and of course all bedding, clothing and curtains. nothing can be saved. the wooden furniture can be cleaned up. hopefully someone will want it but anything the kids and my sister don’t want will be thrown out.

i’ll be taking the camera to document this…just in case i need proof that he is incapable of taking care of himself. i can’t take anything for granted with this.

and later i get to tell the landlord that i need to break the lease and hope that i don’t need a lawyer.

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