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Dragon Shirts!

So, I decided to make up some t-shirts over on Zazzle with the different dragon illustrations. The shirts also have the listing of contributing authors on the back. If you click on the link below the pictures, it will take you right to the shirts in my Zazzle store. Two shirts are shown below, but there are seven in total for the Dragon’s Lure illustrations.

Support your local starving artist! Buy dragon shirts!

Dragon's Lure shirt
Dragon’s Lure by lindasaboe
Many more t-shirts online at zazzle.com

more Illustrations: Bad-Ass Faeries 3

Here are the illustrations for the other book I worked on, which were finished right before I started Dragon’s Lure. This is the third in the Bad-Ass Faeries series: Bad-Ass Faeries 3: In All Their Glory. For book and launch info, go here: http://www.sidhenadaire.com/promoBAF3.htm

All the illustrations are posted on my Flickr page, http://www.flickr.com/photos/thereallinda/sets/72157623765082107/

And here’s a sample…
Bad-Ass Faeries 3 - civilian group

Dragon’s Lure Illustrations

The editor of Dragon’s Lure anthology has given me permission to post the illustrations I did for the book. The book will launch on Sunday, May 30th at Balticon. Here’s a link to the site for the book: http://www.sidhenadaire.com/books/DL.htm

All the illustrations can be found on my Flickr page here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thereallinda/sets/72157623889189888/

And a few samples…
Veri Celen

for the birds

just in case you thought i’ve been idle, here are some pics of the most recent water birds, just finished yesterday.
for some reason, i can’t seem to get decent photos of these two, but you all get the idea. the cormorant is about 10.5 inches and the pelicans are about 11.5 inches at the highest point. both sculpts are sculpture clay with pigmented wax finish.



two pelicans

two pelicans

water birds

The pelican is done. He came through firing without cracking or exploding, which is always a happy thing. I used a pigmented wax finish on him like the others and think he looks rather fine. He’s about 8×6 inches.




dragon box

just finished sculpting a little clay dragon box. now i get to mull over what sort of finish…glaze? paint? pigmented wax? choices, choices…

dragon box

dragon box

first day with baked goods

this was the first day of the new sculpture session after the holiday break. it was nice to be back in the studio among artists and friends. we have two new students this session…one is an accomplished sculptor and the other is brand new to clay and working in three dimensions.

i brought the heron in to finesse the details and then set on slats to dry before firing. everyone seemed to like this latest effort. jennifer said that i’m pushing the limits of what clay can do with that long snaky neck. we’ll see if it makes it through firing. i think this year i’ll be looking at water birds, herons, pelicans, cormorants and the like. i started a pelican today which i’m fairly pleased with at this point. i think i’ll be needing extra studio time this session. i have a lot of birds in my brain, so i need to release them and once a week is just not enough.

this was also the first day i left brni alone since his surgery almost two weeks ago. i was a bit nervous about it. it’s hard to take care of someone 24/7 and then leave them, even for a mere three hours. of course, he was fine when i got home and i’m sure it was probably a relief to him not to have me hovering over him.

our friend, jack came by for a visit bearing a box of baked confections…cannoli, a lovely little fruit tart and a very chocolatey thing that found it’s way on brni’s dessert dish. thank you, dear jack.

new sculpt ~ heron

started this one yesterday and finished it this afternoon. this one went very quickly…i guess it was time for it. here’s some pictures of it as it dries. it’s 12″ high.



you can see closer views of it on flickr, as usual.

ceramic vulture mask

the latest in vulture masks…sure to be all the rage.

it’s bisque-fired clay with a pigmented wax finish. hanging from jute cord are bones i’ve found over the years.
the photos suck — i’ll try for better ones if i manage to get in a better mood.

ceramic vulture mask

ceramic vulture mask

ceramic vulture mask

opening up

There’s this process when working a clay sculpture where you have to hollow it out, either digging out from below or slicing open the back of the head or cutting it into pieces in order to get inside and remove the excess clay. This allows for more even drying and reduces the risk of a disaster in the kiln. It’s also really really scary and I approach it holding my breath and getting as close to prayer as is possible for me, as I destroy my hard work in order to save it from the fire’s wrath.

In my work, I like to allow the process to become a visible part of the piece — letting the sketchy lines show through the paint, showing eraser marks on drawings, leaving parts undone. I consider the process to be part of the beauty of art, just as I find beauty in the bones of things, the roots, the dirty, messy parts that usually are the parts that support life. So the idea of showing these parts is really intriguing to me.

Given the recent vulture sculpt, I am intrigued by the idea of opening up the figures. I’m planning on doing a series of sculpts and maybe drawings and such that are broken open, mixing up the external with the internal; the outer bits with the innards. Holes in the heads, bones poking through, showing the hollowed out form, secrets revealed.

I don’t think it will be terribly gruesome.

“giving thanks” vulture done

the poor twisted thing came through firing without cracking open (although, i did sculpt him with head broken open). i gave him a waxed patina pigmented with raw umber and a touch of pearlized blue. i think he looks quite nice!
here are a couple views (with more on flickr, as always).

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

vulture sculpt

I’m working on a few sculpts at once…two wall hangings, one of which is a vulture (surprised?) and this new little vulture I just finished and is now drying. Started out like an ordinary vulture and then I sat back, quit thinking and started poking, twisting, pushing and digging. So here’s the poor little guy, bowing his thanks (probably that I finally stopped the torture).

Vulture-giving thanks

Vulture-giving thanks

Illustrations for The Halfling’s Court

If anyone is curious to see the illustrations for The Halfling’s Court by Danielle Ackley-McPhail, I put them up on my Flickr page. Here’s the link to the set: http://www.flickr.com/photos/thereallinda/sets/72157622653614694/

and here’s a small sample of the Faerie King, Dair.

Dair ~ the Faerie King

Art show

I just got word that my small piece, “Hare” was accepted in the Fall 2009 Member’s Juried Exhibition at the Wayne Art Center.
I’m rather surprised since it’s really a small little thing, barely 6-7 inches high. I do think she’s rather cute though.

So, I guess I’ll be heading on over the the Wayne Art Center on Sunday (3-5pm) to see the company she’s keeping.



art and stuff: a checklist of sorts

* The small rabbits are done for the most part. Will post pictures as soon as I finish the wax patinas.
* The cover art is done for the Evil Gazebo paperback which comes out in Dec. Will post that when it’s finalized.
* The big rabbit is being fired! yay!
* Just started working on a new ceramic vulture mask/wall hanging and have decided to make small skulls on sticks out of paper mache (note to self: buy balloons).

what next? what next?

on completion

I am so happy that I successfully completed the illustration job for The Halfling’s Court by Danielle Ackley McPhail ON TIME with like a whole 2 days to spare! I will now perform the happy dance…

*happy dance*

The book should be out sometime in November if all else goes well, which I’m sure it will.

Sold two prints and a card at the Witches Ball. Less than wonderful, but it was a very fun night. I got to meet a beautiful American Bulldog, hung out in a beer garden, spent more money than I made on stuff I didn’t really need, saw some amazing costumes, and found out that the old historic village of Mt. Holly, NJ is a very quaint and pretty place.

Now, I must start making things for xmas presents. Last year it was santas and snow men. This year? argh…I don’t know. I should have started over a month ago. I feel another deadline coming on.

first day

Today was the first day of my new “Home & Garden” sculpture class. I started a BIG rabbit for my first piece and it should be done and set to dry next week.
but but but
I don’t know what I’m going to do for the next piece. It’s a 12 wk course, so I hope to be fabulously productive.

any suggestions? more rabbits? gargoyles? vultures? birdbath? cute little kitties…er…nah.

rabbit & child

I don’t know how it happened, but I started sculpting a new hare yesterday and today, a baby rabbit showed up in the middle of it. hmmm.

This one pretty much dictated itself. Started out dreaming that I was to make a solid, slightly cone shaped cylinder and then push it all into shape. Which is what I did when I woke up. Then today, it pretty much finished itself by adding the baby.

Here are a few pictures of it in process…as usual, click through for more pictures on flickr.

new rabbit sculpt

new rabbit sculpt

new rabbit sculpt

undone hares

This year, I’m concentrating on studies of hares–jackrabbits actually. Here are 3 clay studies I’m working on at the moment—all in various stages of undoneness.

undone hares

and a couple close-ups just for fun.

undone hares 2

another undone hare

amazing artwork here

i’m pretty much blown away by this man’s work.



today was a delivery day. everything i ordered over the past several weeks came in three back-to-back deliveries this morning. i got some seeds from a farm via our Local Harvest, some lovely salve from a dear wise woman herbalist friend and the test-shirts i designed and put up on http://www.zazzle.com/lindasaboe
i’m extremely happy with the way the shirts printed up. especially the “tangled hares.”

i would not be embarrassed to see someone (anyone) wearing these designs and i’m encouraged to produce more.


and of course, my special vulture…

sketchy stories

So, I was sitting here, minding my own business while watching mindless stuff on TV when the cable signal died. So TV is gone, internet is gone, and brni is in Ashburn, basically gone. I’m all caught up in my various art projects and am too tired to trudge upstairs to start something new.

I read but I’m terribly distracted and can’t figure out a way to settle. The story I’m reading is really well written but I keep drifting off. It’s not the story’s fault–it’s my stupid brain reacting to the unstable weather. I am totally at the mercy of the weather, phases of the moon, planets, stars and dust. It’s rather annoying, but whatcha gonna do?

So, I’m thinking that this is such a cool story, so well written (thank you Elizabeth Bear), that I end up feeling envious. I wish I could write. I mean, write well. As in good. But, aside from (usually) getting the grammar down okay, I’m not even a hack. So I think, why can’t I write? Why can’t I sing (yes, it’s related weirdly in my brain)? What is it that I can do other than complain and put myself down for having no talent whatsoever?

Here’s what I came up with…

I have ideas, thoughts, stories in me but no writer am I. I wish I could spin a good yarn, tell a fine tale, but try as I might, creatively coupling words to engage and transport is not one of my talents. Like singing. I want to but the attempt ends in flat screeches and embarrassing notes.

I make pictures. I draw my stories. I make them out of pulp, graphite, water, oil and earth. My stories are elementals. Things to be peered at, edges to be filled in with someone else’s words, emotions and reactions.

When I talk out loud, I have trouble finding the correct or perfect word. I have never liked talking out loud. I talk in my head — a lot! I’ve learned, as most of us do, how to communicate with others on a day-to-day basis, but that’s not what I’m typing about…

To be heard. understood. sorta. idunno

My method of communicating with the world in any real way, is through pictures. drawings. pen to paper. hand to clay.

My latest attempt to tell a story is to put a face on a skull. Not a real skull of course…a replica of a woman. No age known. No ethnicity. Nothing but a plaster cast of her very basic form. I’m told she’s of the European persuasion, though I’m not good enough–forensically speaking–to really know what I’m doing. I just hope to be sensitive enough to persuade her to reveal herself under my hopeful caress.

this is what happens when i’m bored

finished lesson three

so, after the teacher gives me feedback, i get to remove all the clay from the skull and start over with tissue depth markers. I wonder who my skull used to be? The only thing I know is it’s a female.

finished lesson 3

the new thing i’m doing

I’m taking a forensic facial reconstruction class. This is my practice attempt at putting muscle on bone (before we learn about tissue depth). Haven’t heard back from the teacher yet, so this could be totally wrong. Here it is anyway…

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