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the great bamboo battle, part II

So today the task was to bundle up the long bamboo poles so that we can put them out for yard waste pickup which happens once a week. We chopped off the root bundles along with the brambles and poison ivy that were mixed in with the bamboo and put those into large construction grade garbage bags. We filled about 5 large bags and made around 5 or 6 large bundles of long bamboo poles. The pile did not seem much diminished by our efforts.

Then Brni had the brilliant idea to dump as much of the bamboo, roots and poison ivy into the old cesspool pit. When we moved here nine years ago, I found the old cesspool in the back yard had not been filled in as it was supposed to be, so basically we had a huge pit but no pendulum. For safety, I got a very large, thick piece of blue slate and put it over the hole, then placed a birdbath on it to keep people and critters from falling through to an untimely death.

Here’s a picture of the pit:

the pit 1

And here we see Brni bending bamboo and stuffing it into the pit.

bending bamboo

not happy

The pit is full.

in the pit

Bags of roots ready to go out with the trash.

bagged bamboo

The pit is covered, marked only by the birdbath … no one will ever know.

covered up

It’ll take a few weeks to dispose of the remaining bags and bundles, but the grunt work is done!
Yay us!

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