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the morning after

thought i’d upload some photos from last night and this morning in between bouts of shoveling. as usual, more on flickr…just click on a photo to get to the set.

the deck out back at the height of the storm last night
deck b&w

under the deck this morning
under deck

chicken wire and ice
chickenwire in b&w

icicles under deck

gate looks about ready to come off it’s hinges

a very blue sky
morning after

right before things got really intense

right after i shot and uploaded this batch of photos, the storm got really intense. it’s supposed to peak around 7pm through 9pm. that’s more than 24 hours of snow. the power lines are sagging, tree limbs are coming down, and i’m not sure how much more the deck will hold. hopefully the power will hold out, but i’m not holding my breath. anyway…have a look at my white world. there’s more up on flickr.

down the road
down the road

our white oak in the front yard

judy’s house from under the white pine
under pine

downed limbs under the white pine in front yard

the stunted dogwood

deck stairs off back of house–look at those power lines.
deck railing through window

thunderful blizzard part deux

What fun! Another 18″-24″ of snow is expected by the end of the day. Started last night around 6 or 7pm and has been going great guns, with a bit of sleet, thunder and lightning thrown in. Now, I remember thundersnow happening in NM on many occasions, but this is only about the second time I’ve experienced it in this neck of the woods. Kinda cool actually. Just nature reminding us of who’s really in charge.

Brni tried his hand at one armed snow removal this morning. He posted a tutorial here: http://brni.livejournal.com/393330.html

Before I took over shoveling the back of the car out, brni told me to grab the camera. Some rather amazing ice formations developed on the grill of my car.

icey formations

icey formations

icey formations

Those little horizontal lines are actually ice and nothing more. Click on any of the photos to go to flickr to see a larger, more detailed view. Really kinda cool!

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