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new illustrations

I have five illustrations in the new book, Bad-Ass Faeries: It’s Elemental, edited
by Danielle Ackley-McPhail, L. Jagi Lamplighter, Jeffrey Lyman
, which is now available at Barnes & Noble and soon elsewhere.

Here’s three of the five. You can see the rest of them up in the illustration gallery link way at the top of this blog (*points skyward*) or, of course, by purchasing the book.

I’m pleased with the way they turned out…hope you all like them.

Water Beings by Linda Saboe

Water Beings by Linda Saboe

Fire Beings by Linda Saboe

Fire Beings by Linda Saboe

Air Beings by Linda Saboe

Air Beings by Linda Saboe

more Illustrations: Bad-Ass Faeries 3

Here are the illustrations for the other book I worked on, which were finished right before I started Dragon’s Lure. This is the third in the Bad-Ass Faeries series: Bad-Ass Faeries 3: In All Their Glory. For book and launch info, go here: http://www.sidhenadaire.com/promoBAF3.htm

All the illustrations are posted on my Flickr page, http://www.flickr.com/photos/thereallinda/sets/72157623765082107/

And here’s a sample…
Bad-Ass Faeries 3 - civilian group

on completion

I am so happy that I successfully completed the illustration job for The Halfling’s Court by Danielle Ackley McPhail ON TIME with like a whole 2 days to spare! I will now perform the happy dance…

*happy dance*

The book should be out sometime in November if all else goes well, which I’m sure it will.

Sold two prints and a card at the Witches Ball. Less than wonderful, but it was a very fun night. I got to meet a beautiful American Bulldog, hung out in a beer garden, spent more money than I made on stuff I didn’t really need, saw some amazing costumes, and found out that the old historic village of Mt. Holly, NJ is a very quaint and pretty place.

Now, I must start making things for xmas presents. Last year it was santas and snow men. This year? argh…I don’t know. I should have started over a month ago. I feel another deadline coming on.

Dead Souls

Brni’s story, The Collector featured in a new anthology, Dead Souls, will be out next month. Everyone should buy it and read his story so that we can be rich and famous like Stephen King.

i haz more bookses

Last week, Brni and I went to the Chester County Book Store & Music Company for lunch. Of course, after eating we ended up carting home a big bag of books (never mind there’s not a free shelf in the house).

and then i totally forgot about the bag

So last night while Brni gathered his piles in preparation for yet another two or three day trip to Ashburn, he emptied the bag of books that had been sitting on his side of the couch all week. I’m so excited! I have a field guide to the birds of PA for my son, Jesse and I’ve just cracked open Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks. There’s also two herbals and a novel, The Soloist by Steve Lopez.

and a travel guide to Amsterdam which I plan on using in two weeks time.

it seems i’ve become an illustrator

Despite the fact that I’ve always considered myself a “fine artist.” I find this revelation something of … well … a revelation! Not that I’ve anything against illustrators, far from it. I adore illustration. I’ve just never thought I could ever the take words and thoughts of another person and form a reasonable visual depiction.

apparently, i can.

Now, the only real “illustration” I’ve done is for my husband’s book, The Evil Gazebo. Of course, I can barely count this as real since I did the illustrations for my husband. But others have seen otherwise. I am now illustrating a story for a friend. She liked what I did for Brni and asked if I’d do the illustrations for her upcoming novella.

I am a fish drowning in water! I do not know how to swim and breath at the same time. Now, I’ve done other “illustrations” for various jobs I’ve held, but they were part of the job. Well, part of the job as in, “You know how to draw? So, will you do our seasonal brochures and our monthly displays and while you’re at it, our graphics department dropped the ball and we need a poster and flyers by the end of the day,” which to my mind is not the job of a real illustrator.


I’m doing another book. I’m getting pennies for the work, but it’s interesting and it keeps me drawing and I can finally say, I’m drawing with a purpose rather than wasting time.

Noto bene: I never thought I was wasting time drawing, but my father made sure to let me know that I was.

book report…

Just finished reading A Slight Trick of the Mind by Mitch Cullin. The main character is an aging Sherlock Holmes which made me think I would be reading another faux Holmes detective story a la The Seven Percent Solution. Instead, I just finished one of the most alluring and tender stories of an elderly man, winding his way through the shrinking world of age and loss. This is probably the most graceful book I’ve ever read.

Thanks brni for recommending it.

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