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in my dream

I saw a seated figure, draped with head down. As I approached, she stood up and as she raised her head, I had a sense she was the archetypal spirit of Praying Mantis.

praying mantis spirit

Full size on flickr (as usual).


My older son, Michael has suffered greatly from migraines since the age of eight. I’ve had a few, with only one that approached the severity my son experiences. It’s a terrible thing to watch your child in pain. It looks like this…


hung out to dry

a little digital painting which sorta illustrates how i’ve been feeling lately…

hung out to dry

urban faeries

After reading brni‘s story about the street faeries, I thought try to work up what urban faeries might look like. I know they don’t look at all like what brni described in his story…those guys will take a lot more thinking, but I kinda like these two little dudes.

urban faeries

as always, for a larger version, click on the picture and go to my flickr account.

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