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one candidate at a time–or two

so, brain is washed and coffee is in hand. time to look at the two front runners: Obama & Clinton.

The Obama/Clinton show

after sleeping on the dem’s debate ~ one candidate at a time

So, last night I posted a quick and dirty first impression of the dem’s debate. I’m having trouble with the word “debate.” I did not witness a debate according to my definition of the word, but then, the past decade or so, I’ve noticed most of the words I use have been altered to a degree that should make poor Webster turn over. At least, it makes me itchy.

anyway…thought I’d take my impressions of what I heard, do some research and look at this one candidate at a time. I’m sure at the end of it all, I will probably want to leave the country or maybe find a nice little hill to dig a hole into so that I can sit in it and think about anarchy.

Thoughts on Joe Biden behind the cut

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