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been awhile but we’re almost done

so, i’ve neglected this journal for quite some time now and the year is almost done. i feel i best say something, whether or not of great social import–would be nice if it was, but — well — we takes what we gets. *smileyface*

the holidaze were not too eventful (phew) but there were little surprises here and there. i was very organized and managed to save exactly the right amount of vacation days to scatter between the days the library was closed for xmas and new years to make a full two weeks off. it’s been so needed both physically and emotionally. i’ve used the time to pamper my damaged back to the point where i can now sit for more than 15 minutes without excruciating pain. this was helped along by an ali massage and a rather interesting acupuncture/moxibustion treatment and liberal doses of yoga and a few muscle relaxers just to get me through the xmas frenzy.

the party was manageable this year, though i did miss that my son, michael was not able to come. my dear friend, josie echoed my back trouble and had to beg off at the last minute as well, and poor jesse came down with a nasty flu-like bug. but those who came seemed to have a nice time of it eating, drinking and making some kick-ass music. i drank enough to throw caution to the wind and banged on my drum along with the real musicians. it felt good and i do hope i didn’t throw anyone too awfully off.

one surprise was an incredible gift of art. how did you know ruth was my favorite character? even as i looked at it, i thought, no, that’s not exactly what i’m seeing…is it? for real? brni explained the connections — amazing what west chester has grown.

i decided to enroll in a 2 year professional herbalism course of study. so, the plan for next year is unfolding. i’m taking a major step onto a new path. by march i will be pursuing my studies and also my art full-time.

but right now, i’m making ready for a sushi new year’s celebration and hot tub party. brni started his baklava (however you spell it) after midnight. he really doesn’t get the whole timing thing. i helped by manning the damp towels and painting butter on filo. one more cup of saki and then to bed so that i’ll be ready for the last day of the year.

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