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What has happened down here is the winds have changed…

Ever since Katrina, Randy Newman lyrics are running through my brain. Not that this is a new thing for me–no, Randy Newman lyrics live just below the surface of my conscience mind, always there, ready to comment on just about any old thing that may come up. It’s kinda fun to have Randy as a brain-pan mate.

But there’s nothing fun about what’s happened in Louisiana and Texas when Rita came running after Katrina.

This wasn’t just a storm we witnessed. No, this is what happens when we, as a human collective, separate ourselves from nature. No one remembers how to deal with the weather, with change, with the unexpected or even the expected, forecast — you know it’s coming — and yet? We can’t think it through. We no longer feel it, sense it, understand it.

How is it no one figured out that if you herd millions of people in thousands of cars and put them all on one highway that things might get bogged down. Reminded me of one of those Philip K. Dick stories that Brni made me read about traffic jams. It was not a pretty sight…it was a damned stupid sight and I was worried for the safety of those stuck on the road with no place to go and a hurricane headed their way. Where was the logic in that? The sense? Better they should have stocked up and hunkered down.

and then when things don’t go as planned…

We blame. We blame god, the government, the neighbor, the looter, the polluter, the wind. We blame nature for unleashing her wrath upon us for fucking up the earth. Mother is mad. Man is toxic. That’s what you get when you disconnect, disrespect, disembowel the very foundation on which you stand. You get whipped.

but then unbelievably, Fox and CNN and all the rest report how smart we are…

What I saw was government sponsored panic and it looked damn stupid BUT unbelievably, they all patted their backs for their quick action. The mind boggles.

this is what i see…

We are domesticated to the point of autism. We have forgotten what it is to be wild. To be part of the wild world. Part of the spiral, the ever changing, moving, living wilderness. Sad creatures, we. So, I need to find a better way. One where I am in charge, responsible for what happens to me and what happens to those creatures (be they man or beast) for whom I am responsible. I’m sad so many have exited the spiral, but I’m not willing to live that way anymore. I’ve seen enough of what happens when you lose your senses.

Jim PathFinder on Katrina

excerpt…this is a long piece. I’ve excerpted two small bits that I think are kinda neat. For the entire piece, “The Not So Good News…” by Jim PathFinder Ewing (Nvnehi Awatisgi) go here:

…The Earthly Mother will shrug and shake and shudder and sweat and weep her tears at what humankind does to her, to keep herself in balance. We saw it with the Tsunami last December, and the droughts before that, and the earthquakes before that. It’s all part of the Spiral of Ascension, as we move from one phase of being to another, as the ancient prophecies tell.
We just have to hang on. It does no good to get angry at the wind. Maybe we want to personify the great storm that hit here, which is made easier by giving the storm a name like Katrina. The wind becomes a “she,” a person, though of the wind. But Katrina was not a person.

We cannot get angry at God, Creator; Creator is only creating; that is what Creator does. It is our duty to go with the flow of Creation, become one with Creator, in harmony and balance, and rise to the rightful role of human beings as children of the Earth and Sky, children of the Earthly Mother and Heavenly Father, with bodies made of the Mother and Spirits of the Father, holding both in balance, and co-creating in the world.

from Common Dreams News Center

This was posted yesterday…things aren’t exactly running the way CNN and gov’t. spinners are telling us.

cajun’s to the rescue

interesting video clip…

michael moore says it so well…

open letter to da prez, bush the lesser on friday, 9/2/05.

stop the music

i seriously need to get away from CNN.

NOLA–too little too late?

Someone at work today said, “We are a third world country.”
She wasn’t the only one…I’ve heard a lot of people say the same.
Cuba has offered medicine and medical assistance just tonight.
Boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

What is so outrageous, aside from the fact that we obviously can’t respond adequately or with any due speed to a catastrophic event, is the fact of who was left after the mandatory evacuation — the poor. the sick, the infirm, and most of them black (New Orleans had a very large poor, black population) — those who had no means to evacuate. Why was there no plan in place to evacuate these people? They were simply left to fend, then herded into a hell-dome. Then, once herded and contained, left with no food, no water, no sanitary facilities.

When looters were spotted in a certain part of town, a bus came through under cover of night, with headlights off, and evacuated the whites who were holed up in a nice hotel. The poor blacks in the hell-dome and the civic-sewer remained.

This is not just a tragedy. It’s a travesty.
And it is being perpetuated along class and racial lines.

Today, finally, provisions were trucked in.
4 days after.
Today, after widespread media attention and criticism — after relentless public outcry — after poor countries offered us aid — after the mayor of New Orleans called the government out for its failure and its lies and its bullshit — President Bush found the balls to set foot in Louisiana.
4 days after.

I’m not hopeful. I’m convinced that things are going to get worse. People are going to face more hardship and the government is going to make more wrong decisions before this is over. And all I can do personally (besides lie awake at night ever since this happened) is donate dollars to the Red Cross and hope they are used wisely.

I don’t know what more to say. This hits me on so many levels. There’s so damn much going on and so little being done. One thing’s for sure, this really shows us what a waste of time and money Bush’s Department of Homeland Security has been. They had TIME! They had WARNING! They KNEW the hurricane was coming and they knew it was gonna be bad but still they could not cope.

Lesson? Don’t rely on the government, be it local, state or federal to take the precautions, to make the plans, to step in with relief in the event of anything more serious than a traffic tie up. And don’t let them herd you anywhere…better to convert your plastic to cash, buy yourself a good tent and a pair of sturdy hiking boots and have your backpack at the ready with whatever supplies and medicine you can carry on your back.

new orleans

I received email from a dear friend who lives in Louisiana. He and his wife left their home before the storm hit and luckily, have a home to go back to…here’s his take on the devastation. These are 3 posts to my old politics list, which Jon forwarded to me (for those who also read Brni’s lj, this is a repeat).

I just want to say, the French Quarter of New Orleans is–was–one of my favorite places to visit. In 94, Brni, Jesse and I took a road trip to New Mexico and on our return we passed through New Orleans. it was about 6am, just after a light rain when I first walked the Quarter. It was all I’d imagined. The wrought iron balconies dripping with ferns and fuschia, banana trees tucked in narrow walkways, their tops peeking out over the high spiked gates, men dragging out tables and chairs outside the Cafe Du Monde. Some years later, we returned to New Orleans for a week long stay. We stayed in the French Quarter Suites on Rampart Street, a couple blocks from the Quarter. After Brni went off to his ISP convention, I would walk the Quarter, taking in the architecture, the atmosphere of the place, poking into nooks and crannies full of flamboyant history. So, even though I’m not of the place, I have special memories and feel a personal loss. Nothing compaired to the intense loss those who are of the place must endure.
my heart is with them.

Louisiana Louisiana
They’re tryin to wash us away
They’re tryin to wash us away
-chorus from “Louisiana 1927” by Randy Newman.

from John: Continue reading

put your ear to the ground

Typing with people about tsunamis, pharmaceutical companies and gov’t regulations on herbal preparations (badbadbad), and just why do we “hear” stuff…ringing in ears, buzzing, low-level babble (as if over radio waves), slams, creeks, pops, pings, people calling our names. Is it all just electro/chemical brain burps, or is there something else going on?

In this conversation, some of the women talked about experiencing tinnitus, migraines, heightened irritability, etc. just before there was some sort of storm, natural disaster, or before someone they knew died. Some have always been aware of these associations and others are now beginning to chronicle them, giving them more credence than convention and society normally allow.

The premise here is that animals are clued into what’s happening to the earth much more so than we. Animals hear/feel/sense what is happening around them, but we don’t. Animals are AWARE and we simply are not. It makes no sense that we are the only animals lacking the ability to tap into the natural world, so it seems our lack of awareness is more a matter of conditioning. We are conditioned from birth to ignore all things in nature. Our culture and history most of the world over has set us apart from the rest of creation. We are the chosen. We are the ones with god’s ear and we have been given dominion over the earth and all the creatures. In actuality, we have excluded ourselves so thoroughly from the rest of nature that we no longer understand her. As a species, we no longer have the ability that a worm does to interact meaningfully with our environment. We have become ridiculous in the eyes of Gaia.

But maybe it’s not as grim as it seems. The tsunami was a great wake-up call to many that there is something terribly wrong with how we interact with Mother Earth. The animals of the area made it to higher ground, so very few of them died. They felt the quake and the wave and knew to get their asses out of there. *We* have this ability, and we can (and should) reclaim it. The problem is, if we do that, we will have to reassess how we interact with the natural world. We will have to stand back and leave the trees where they grow. We will have to stop poisoning and raping the planet. We will have to stop blasting and drilling in our mountains and coastal shorelines (one possible contributing factor for the magnificent earthquake that resulted in the tsunami is the ongoing “sound bombing” by oil companies looking for off-shore deposits near Tasmania. http://www.independent-media.tv/item.cfm?fmedia_id=10211&fcategory_desc=Under%20Reported ). We will have to learn to be quiet and listen.

I’m not hopeful that people the world over will pay attention, but I am pleased to find so many women are pausing and listening to the rich stillness all around them.

on the heels of the thanksgiving disaster…

things started out nicely enough, unwrapping presents over coffee and biscotti. brni was pleased with his new gi and jesse was happy to get his rock salt lamp and the inevitable socks stuffed in his stocking. brni blessed me with my very first drum. a lovely little djembe with a lizard pattern dotted across the base. time spent later cooking for the winter party. family came. friends came. michael brought his lovely friend, joy and his two dogs.

then things turned very wrong.

one of brni’s friends let michael’s dogs loose. why? how? i don’t know. i wasn’t there. i was in the band room with a friend from our dojang talking about sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. brni came down and stood over me with his winter coat on, and told me that the dogs had been let out the front door. michael had raced after them, chasing them across lancaster pike and back, but lost them in the night. when michael returned to the house, he collapsed in an emotionally exhausted heap. i didn’t quite understand what brni was saying at first. how could all this have happened one floor up without me knowing? bill, brni and i ran out with flashlights and leashes in a vain attempt to catch the dogs.

the dogs, moogi and wil are silken windhounds. they are a new, rather rare breed, established from the borzoi (russian wolfhound) and whippet. they hit a top speed of 35 mph and have no body fat whatsoever. christmas night was bitterly cold; not a good night for skinny dogs. brni went back, called 911 and filed a report. bill and i gave up the search shortly afterwards. the house emptied out rather quickly after that and i made brni take rebecca home. it was not a night for guests to be sleeping over.

i paced most of the night and finally fell into a fitful sleep around 4am. when i got up, michael and joy were already out searching. they got back around 7:30 and michael got to work creating flyers to post everywhere. then the phone rang with news that the dogs were found! they were frolicking between the large yards on daventree road, just three blocks away! we piled in the car with raw meat, leashes and trembling relief. wil saw michael first and came running. then moogi took his eye off the cop and ran to his family. michael gave them the meat that was to be their christmas feast. joy ran from the car and i asked, “do you have the leashes?” she stopped, looked adorably sheepish and ran back for them. so much joyful running after such fear and sadness…

at home, the dogs were closely inspected. they were terrified, cold but frostbite and injure-free from their grand holiday adventure.

and i am rethinking the whole holiday party thing. we had a good 12 year party run, but the gods are not on our side anymore, and i think we need to heed the ever so obvious warnings.

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