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i must finish this before the repugs debate (ish)

ok, i don’t want to do it but i said i would so that means i must. i really wonder what all this keeping my word means in the grand scheme of things? i mean, besides the guilts. i’m so tired of it, i’m not even gonna edit for typos–please, proof as you go.


I had a bit of a shock when I searched for Edwards and Dodd to find their websites…they both had the same site template! Then I looked closer and saw it was an independent site called Freedom Works which lists “key issues” but in a search using the terms Dodd + candidate, or Edwards + candidate or any Lastname + candidate and you will see that the http://www.freedomworks.org site will come up at the very top or maybe one down…but before a candidates actual web page. Troubling, but just a digression.

Edwards & Dodd behind the cut

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