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it’s possible i’m watching too many zombie shows

Several months ago, while in that misty, gray space between dreamworld and awakeworld, I felt my body completely at ease with no hint of pain anywhere. The sense of no pain shocked me fully awake bringing back to consciousness the accumulated pain of a 60+ year old body. I tried so very hard to find that place again, arranging my body parts in the exact same way they were when I was between worlds and free.

no luck.

I woke up this morning around 3am with a loud brain thinking disjointed thoughts, rapidly and in no particular order. Sleep was gone gone gone. Around 5am I considered getting up to make coffee. Instead, I remembered that place of ease from months before and gave it a second try. Arranging my body just like it had been before, I drifted away. My success was disrupted by the rudest, most gruesome nightmare — full of blood, pain, terror, and shit — that I think I’ve ever had.

next time, i’ll just go make coffee.

Protected: dreaming the dead back

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winding my way to the end of the year

a heron crossed my path the other day. for some reason, i found this ominous. i’ve always viewed herons as wonderful creatures and thought of them as messengers of good fortune. not this one. this felt like a warning. i have been vigilant ever since, but it’s wearing me down.

i’m very tired tonight. the holidaze have done me in both physically and emotionally. the day brought good food, spirited drinks, dear family and honored friends. it also brought sadness and serious worry for some of my loved ones. a child’s hurt cut my heart; a friend’s bitterness wrenched my gut. i have not slept through the night since. brni is sleeping south of here till sometime on thursday and i simply want to take this time to cushion my senses from the world.

a new year is just around the corner and i’m hoping for strength, insight and inspiration. oh, and to lose weight. and maybe live through the year watching all those i love have a really good time of it.

to bed. no dreams, please.

why do i have these dreams?

I’m not at all sure it’s reasonable to dream about an old friend, lost to the decades and distance, as a reanimated corpse who is bored and wants to go to the Mutter Museum, but it is apparently 3pm on a Sunday and the museum will be closing at 5…

and so on

Protected: the dream i had last night

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dreams of games and consequences

About dreams, from Holy Fools by Joanne Harris: “They are like waves, she told me, of the tides that bear us, from which strange jetsam may be gathered, strange eddies from the deeps for those to read who can. I must use my dreams, not fear them. Only a fool fears knowledge.”

So last night, my dreams jerked me from sleep, with the heart pounding fear only night terrors can bring. It was a clear, cool summer night. The stars and planets bright, touchable and whirling in in dizzying spirals. Trails and orbits changed into coppery streaks, the heavenly bodies garishly colored, geometric and mechanical. Party noises drifted down from an illuminated house on a hill above us, so brightly lit we could see the shapes of the people as they grew louder and wilder in their revelry. There was something demonic in the rhythm of their calls and shouts, as if they were in the midsts of some climactic ritual.

Then things changed from ceremony to frat-boy antics to murder. Young men were being herded and thrown from the large house, falling from ledge to precipice to slope to ground, some of them screaming as their bones broke against stone. A sickly neon glow outlined the edges of their descent, until finally we were all on the same level.

Night turned quickly into day and what was once woods and soft grass was now cement slabs, corridors and glass doors. Everything was squared. People were running, hiding while others were being toppled and run over by large, steel balls moving at a blinding rate of speed. I skirted the edges of the mayhem, trying to stay out of sight.

Finally, taking my chance, I ran for the glass doors, barely making it before hearing the loud clanging bells. Moving in that oppressive slow motion of nightmares, I grabbed the door and struggled to squeeze through to safety. Looking out, I saw that the door didn’t open to safety, but to a larger cement playing field. The world had turned into a vast pinball game and the balls were racking us up for points.
And the night before, I dreamt of a loved one’s betrayal at the hands of friends.

So, I’m drinking coffee before 6am and writing all this down, thinking that a change in nighttime eating habits may be in order. I’ll be paying close attention though…just in case.

plant dreams

sometimes i dream about plants. last night i dreamt about plantain….you know, that lowly lawn weed that most people dowse with poison in hopes to rid their lawn of all life except the acceptable sort of grass featured on the sides of those trucks with green thumbs.

i have been trying to encourage plantain to grow in my yard. i would be thrilled if it would consider being my ground cover along the paths and beds in both front and back yards. i’ve even saved some seeds from the ones that do grow around to scatter in other parts of the yard. and that’s sorta what was happening in my dream…plantain was growing everywhere, deeply lush and green. i could almost taste it while i questioned how much to pick to make a healing salve for my sister.

so, not a dream full of meaning…just an easy dream about a common weed.

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