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a dog’s life

Have you ever heard a dog scream? It’s chilling.

Both Loki and I stopped dead in our tracks when we heard Zappa scream. Rocky, the gorgeous, unfortunate German Shepherd across the street had gotten out again and ran past Zappa’s owner, grabbed her around the middle of her small body and tried to shake the life out of her.

Rocky’s owners have created a monster out of a beautiful animal by chaining him to a clothes line for the past few years. No exercise, no socializing, no job or purpose for an intelligent, powerful working dog. Rocky is about as neurotic and out of control as a dog can get without being completely insane. And I’m sure he could still become a wonderful dog if he was with a family who knew how to fulfill his physical and emotional needs. As it stands now, his family will either do nothing or put him down. I doubt if they have what it takes to rehabilitate him or to find him an owner who can.

Zappa made it through surgery. The emergency vet was able to repair the tear to her abdominal wall and she’s resting in recovery now. She will have a slow recovery because of her age, but she should be okay. Zappa is blessed with an owner who knows how to give her the kind of life a dog needs.

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