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pick a little, poke a little, cheep cheep cheep

well, it certainly has been a while.

It’s a new year and I think I can start working in my office/studio in the new house. It’s not “finished” but it’s now a place I can do some artwork and goof off on the computer.

So I decided to do some exercises to get my creative juices flowing. Since the move, I’ve been totally blocked with all the crazy stuff of setting up a new house and trying to figure out the lay of the land. I’d look at the paper, pencils, watercolors and just stare blankly as they stared blankly back at me. Thus the exercise.

I made messy, splotchy, watery gobs, drips, and drabs on a piece of watercolor paper and then cut them up into tiny bits. After staring at them for what seemed days on end (maybe half an hour or so), I started picking out shapes and colors with a small paint brush and a few watercolors. I tried not to think about what was happening. No drawing just picking and poking.

So here’s a pic of a few pieces of paper and what happened with the first one.

art exercise 1

And a close up of the little phoenix that happened to be hiding in the first piece of paper that I played with.

art exercise 2

Wonder who else will be revealed.

Happy New Year, everyone.

flower creature-carnivore phase

jezebellydancer asked to see the flower creature in its carnivore phase.

Enjoy (and to see it larger, click on it to go to my flickr page and hit “all sizes”).

flower creature-carnivore phase

Now, it’s brni‘s turn to tell us all about it.

art happened again

Started out as a mindless doodle and ended up to be a “flower creature.” I’m hoping Brni will write a story about this peaceful, amphibious creature whose diet is primarily flowers and succulent leaves, but during the last days of summer, turns savagely carnivorous. Thank the gods they hibernate during the coldest months of winter!

flower creature

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