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big mess cabaret!!!

blown away by the Big Mess Cabaret tonight. left with an actor’s lipstick stain on my cheek and feeling oh so fine. come on snowstorm…you don’t stand a chance with this lipstick tainted mama.

sunday fun

Loki and I had a grand time at the Green Lane Scottish/Irish festival today. We watched Brni and his classmates murder 2 liter soda bottles with swords; communed with a golden eagle who eagle-eyed Loki; petted a pot bellied pig while Loki stood nose to snout in wonder; ate amazing fish and chips by a Nessie inhabited lake.

On the way out, a boxer fell in love with Loki and she broke his heart without ceremony.

fun with photoshop

so, i’ve been helping someone learn photoshop and while getting ready for a lesson on color, i started playing with the color replacement brush and this is what i ended up with. i call it toxic shock…or…maybe just purple tree…or…

murky water tint - fun w/photoshop

here’s the original.

murky water

muddy tragedies and dreaded fairies

It’s been many years since I’ve gone to the Renaissance Faire and now I wonder why I don’t go more often because I had such a lovely time. It was a joy to be outside, enjoying the sun, watching the actors and visiting the many interesting shops. The highlights for me were the mud people’s bawdy interpretation of Romeo and Juliet, the elephant ride with Kate, and the absolutely awesome fairy and her amazing mud sculptures.

I also left with a new-found need to make leather masks. In fact, I ordered some leather online today (enough for both of us, Krys!).
Here are a few pictures of our day.

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