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as the world melts…

the world as we know it is doomed and *they* are already scrambling for shipping rights.
from the NYTimes:

The Arctic ice cap shrank so much this summer that waves briefly lapped along two long-imagined Arctic shipping routes, the Northwest Passage over Canada and the Northern Sea Route over Russia.

Over all, the floating ice dwindled to an extent unparalleled in a century or more, by several estimates.

Now the six-month dark season has returned to the North Pole. In the deepening chill, new ice is already spreading over vast stretches of the Arctic Ocean. Astonished by the summer’s changes, scientists are studying the forces that exposed one million square miles of open water — six Californias — beyond the average since satellites started measurements in 1979.

At a recent gathering of sea-ice experts at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks, Hajo Eicken, a geophysicist, summarized it this way: “Our stock in trade seems to be going away.”

Scientists are also unnerved by the summer’s implications for the future, and their ability to predict it.

Complicating the picture, the striking Arctic change was as much a result of ice moving as melting, many say. A new study, led by Son Nghiem at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and appearing this week in Geophysical Research Letters, used satellites and buoys to show that winds since 2000 had pushed huge amounts of thick old ice out of the Arctic basin past Greenland. The thin floes that formed on the resulting open water melted quicker or could be shuffled together by winds and similarly expelled, the authors said.

The pace of change has far exceeded what had been estimated by almost all the simulations used to envision how the Arctic will respond to rising concentrations of greenhouse gases linked to global warming. But that disconnect can cut two ways. Are the models overly conservative? Or are they missing natural influences that can cause wide swings in ice and temperature, thereby dwarfing the slow background warming?

The world is paying more attention than ever.

Russia, Canada and Denmark, prompted in part by years of warming and the ice retreat this year, ratcheted up rhetoric and actions aimed at securing sea routes and seabed resources.

the rest of the story is here:

an op-ed piece on ethanol

an interesting op-ed piece on the ethanol hoax.
oh, we are a gullible group, we americans, lazy in mind and body, we will swallow anything as long as we don’t have to think on it or change our act in any way.


it’s worth going to the links within the article–the one on high speed trains in the beginning of the story is interesting. too bad we never got our transit-act together:

the link to ethanol hoax is very incomplete–the thing i would add that this article glossed over was the predicted complete destruction of forests in indonesia and malaysia as well as the huge loss of land in brazil to grow sugar cane for fuel. no mention also of the cost to the consumer for higher food prices, loss of diversity and soil health with the practice of monoculture planting.
ethanol hoax: http://www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_461.cfm

make them stop!!!!

global warming:

the scientific community came out in one, dire voice proclaiming that global warming is a FACT, is OUR FAULT, and must be addressed within the next 10 years or we will have no way out.

and the bush admin said it refuses to make energy cuts mandatory.

cervical cancer:

a short while ago, we found out that cervical cancer is caused by human papilloma virus, which is sexually transmitted. now, Texas wants to FORCE sixth grade girls to be vaccinated against this virus.

this vaccine was fast-tracked through approval. do YOU really trust the FDA and Merck to insure the safety of this vaccine given their track record (i.e., vioxx)? but more importantly, do you really think the government has the right to force women to be vaccinated from something that MEN carry?

methinks Merck is trying to recoup their losses and they are using our cervixes to fix their bottom line.


i think it’s time to give full voice to RAGE AGAINST THIS MACHINE! especially us women. we are not Merck’s guinea pigs and our children’s world should not be destroyed by short-sighted, immoral government slaves to oil.

the power of symbols

The Doomsday Clock.

The smartest people in the world think we’re doomed, and they made a clock back in 1947, four years before I was born, to show the not so smart how much time we had left if we don’t change our warring ways.


Oh yes, this has always been a scary thing. The simple, benign hands of a clock; the regular sound of ticking and tocking; the swing of the pendulum.

Why is this so scary? Edgar knew.

Add darkness. Add a pit. Add the inevitable end of the world as we know it.

The scientists and other smart people are worried. They might even be angry, I would bet. I know I am. I grew up with this fake clock, the one that the smart people use to tap the ignorant between the eyes, to wake them up. The smart people know that we need symbols to make things real. But I’m afraid that the deciders and the occupants and the ones who have the big, fat sticks aren’t moved by symbols anymore. The ones we think are reasonable have so much money in the oil barrels that they are willing to destroy the environment and the world be damned. The ones who don’t want the western devils to dip their sticks in their oil are so fanatical that they would like nothing better than to blow themselves up and take the rest of us with them and the world be damned.

They don’t realize that the planet can make out just fine without us. Life as WE know it is what’s threatened, OUR world, not the earth itself. The earth, the planet, will be fine. New magic is in the works.

hmmm…those life forms didn’t work out as well as hoped. Here, these should do a bit better.

Steven Hawkins thinks that global warming is more immediately dangerous than nuclear war, and the clock ticks.
While our greed and stupidity warms the globe with the foul discharge of burned blood, and the clock tocks.

I’m sure the powers that be in Washington, Korea, Iran, wherever, don’t give a damn. No, they are so full of power, so secure in the knowledge that they are saving the world (resources) for their own ends (as in bottom lines) that they don’t see the truth behind the symbol. They don’t hear the dying world, they don’t smell the rot that is just under their noses. What the rational failed to prove, the greed of capitalism has made impotent. They broke the magical grip of the symbol. The clock has no hold on them anymore. Greed broke its arms.


our emissions are better than your emissions

interesting…the brits say this is the warmest year on record since they started keeping records in 1659


but, india’s carbon emissions are ok — wonder if china’s are just as good?


and then, in case we’re confused about what’s really at stake, our gummit has decided to “review” it all for us.


don’t you feel better now?

suing the white house

sometimes i like what i read. in fact, this article about suing the bush admin over global warming practically made me giddy!


and this one re kofi annan speaking on global warming.



August 26, 2006

Giant nests perplex experts

By Garry Mitchell
The Associated Press

A yellow jacket nest engulfs the inside of a 1955 Chevrolet on Harry Coker’s Tallassee property on Thursday. Gigantic yellow jacket nests have been found in old barns, unoccupied houses, cars and underground cavities across the southern two-thirds of Alabama.
— Rob Carr
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