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a public aside to brni

when you corrected my usage of “good” in my statement, “I’m feeling good,” you were wrong. here’s the deal from dr.grammar (http://www.drgrammar.org/faqs/#21).

Good or Well?
Good and well are often misused. According to The Grammar Bible, “good is an adjective. It can only modify nouns and pronouns. Well is an adverb. It can only modify verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs. Too many people use good, the adjective, when they need well, the adverb. I scored good on my spelling test.(incorrect) The new car runs good. (incorrect) In each example, the adjective good modifies a verb, scored and runs, respectively. Only adverbs modify verbs. These situations call for the adverb well. I scored well on my spelling test.(correct) The new car runs well.(correct) A frequently used expression, ‘to feel well,’ in American parlance, implies that one’s touching ability is in excellent condition” (141-142).
Brian’s Common Errors in English, see Writing Resources, provides further explanation: “‘Good’ is the adjective, ‘well’ is the adverb. You do something well, but you give someone something good. The exception is verbs of sensation in phrases such as ‘the pie smells good,’ or ‘I feel good'[emphasis added]. Despite the arguments of nigglers, this is standard usage. Saying ‘the pie smells well’ would imply that the pastry in question had a nose. ‘ I feel well’ is also generally acceptable; but it is not the only correct usage.” I hope the exception above helps to explain the rule.

i only mention it because your correction was in public and, well, i feel that tit-for-tat is necessary for my general well-being and all around good vibrations.

*evil grin w/smooches*

spelling curse

why is it, when it’s really important, you misspell the most basic words? and why is it that the spelling error becomes more important than the point?

(if you don’t know what i mean, join an email list and see how long it takes before someone trashes someone else’s argument by asking if english is their second language)

that, my loves, is the nature of the spelling curse.

when i feel up to it, i’ll address the grammar gremlin.
if i live long enough, i’ll expose the perils of proof-reading poisoning.

but for now, what i really need is a beer.

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