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Art show

I just got word that my small piece, “Hare” was accepted in the Fall 2009 Member’s Juried Exhibition at the Wayne Art Center.
I’m rather surprised since it’s really a small little thing, barely 6-7 inches high. I do think she’s rather cute though.

So, I guess I’ll be heading on over the the Wayne Art Center on Sunday (3-5pm) to see the company she’s keeping.



rabbit & child

I don’t know how it happened, but I started sculpting a new hare yesterday and today, a baby rabbit showed up in the middle of it. hmmm.

This one pretty much dictated itself. Started out dreaming that I was to make a solid, slightly cone shaped cylinder and then push it all into shape. Which is what I did when I woke up. Then today, it pretty much finished itself by adding the baby.

Here are a few pictures of it in process…as usual, click through for more pictures on flickr.

new rabbit sculpt

new rabbit sculpt

new rabbit sculpt

an eary mishap

so, was on my way to fire the last batch of hares i made when this tragic accident occurred. my newest rabbit lost his ear in transit and had to undergo emergency ear surgery! looks like a wounded soldier in the war between the states, no?


wounded: closeup

he even looks in pain.
poor wabbit.

undone hares

This year, I’m concentrating on studies of hares–jackrabbits actually. Here are 3 clay studies I’m working on at the moment—all in various stages of undoneness.

undone hares

and a couple close-ups just for fun.

undone hares 2

another undone hare

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