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an end to my enslavement with a bird on top

We received a letter and packing slip in the mail, informing us that I have won my freedom from the Iceman. The cords will be forever cut and the demanding cooler will be shipped back to it’s place of origin on Monday. From that day forward, Brni’s shoulder will wear bags of frozen peas and I will allow whatever ice is left to melt in the sun. An offering tinged with a smirk and a freeing shrug.

So, it’s been ten days since Brni’s shoulder surgery and he’s doing phenomenally well. He had his second PT session yesterday and his therapist was practically giddy with his progress. At the same time, Brni’s mood has lifted a great deal, almost as if a switch has been flipped. He’s looking and acting more like himself. Definitely coming out of the anesthesia/drug induced doldrums. I find it almost magical how a body can go through so much and heal so quickly.

It’s an amazing process, but one I hope very few of us need go through. But, if you do, I hope you are surrounded by love and kindness, for that is the true healing salve.

And, as Brni heals, my head turns to look at the lump of clay waiting for me on my work table. This one might be a bird, maybe a heron stretching her neck to the heavens.

don’t melt my cold cold heart

I have been lamenting about the temperatures outside climbing into the upper 30s and 40s. It’s January and winter and it should be cold and it should stay cold. I want it below freezing for the next week or two so that I can store bags of ice outside. Brni’s “iceman” is a cruel master and demands to be fed round the clock.

I have been thankful for below freezing temps, reveling in the feel of the icey deck under my bare feet at 4 in the morning. I’ve even taken to walking around outside in nothing more than a thin sweatshirt and sweatpants in hopes of encouraging the arctic cold to stay around and caress my body and my bags of ice. I asked the crows and chickadees to carry my message of gratitude and love to the north wind and invite it to blow down on us with chilly abandon.

But the wind is retreating and the stupid sun is warming everything up and threatening to thaw my bags of ice. Brni mentioned to me that layers may be the solution and it looks like this just might work. Here’s what I’ve done…

I moved the cooler off the deck and down below onto the cold bricks in the shady part of the grotto outside the cellar door. I wrapped the cooler in two layers of old quilts and wrapped the old quilts in large plastic trash bags. And now I wait to see if the ice can stay cold and hard through this reckless and unseasonable week of warmth.

the iceman cometh

pictures of life post brni’s shoulder surgery. here’s the “iceman” which is essentially a small beer cooler with a fish tank pump in it. this is the thing that has enslaved me. i fill it to the brim with ice, fill again with water enough to cover the bottom of the pump, hook up the massive blue hoses to brni’s shoulder pad and then plug it in. it whines frigid water up into the shoulder pad, keeping brni’s shoulder from swelling and reeking havoc. he needs to be hooked up to this 24/7 for 2 weeks. i love fishing ice out of the cooler out on the deck at 4:30 in the morning. it’s what i live for.


this is what happens to a brni when linked to the iceman.


today we removed the dressing for the first time. it looks like the surgeon was unable to save the top of brni’s sun tattoo, but to compensate, added some lovely purple marks of his own.


wow. this is a tiny tiny incision! amazing what they can do laproscopically, isn’t it?


but, no matter how bad things get, you can’t keep a good brni down…well, maybe down, but never offline.


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