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three small paintings

tiny watercolor paintings

tiny watercolor paintings

experimenting with watercolors on a very small scale. 2.5″ x 3.5″

another small thing

small bumble bee

the start of a little bumble bee. 2 ½ x 3 ½ inches.

not dead bugs

the cicadas living in my yard are insane. they are everywhere and they cry in waves and then they drop from the trees onto my deck where the dog plays with them as a cat would, only a bit more enthusiastically, as dogs do.

here are three i saved from loki’s frantic love.

cicada 1

cicada 2

cicada 3

i dreamt we were hunting mosquitoes. brni said, this is a mosquito and we need to kill it. i said, no, that’s not a mosquito, that’s a mosquito-killer and we must not kill it. so i start looking for a real mosquito to show brni and finally i see one. i see it up close as if it’s under a magnifying glass. i point it out to brni, but it starts flying around. while it’s flying, it’s emitting a glowing blue light out it’s ass-end. now, that is cool! but i realize i’m the only one who can see this amazing blue light. how strange and wonderful.

i also dreamt that i have to start drinking red clover tea.

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