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Loki update

She’s home! Despite her severe gastroenteritis and pneumonia, the Dr. felt she was well enough to come home.

So, we have a schedule that goes every 2 hrs starting at 6am and ending at midnight, alternating 4 medicines, special food, makeshift steam-room in the shower and coupage 3 or 4 times a day to get her to cough. Poor dear is still so sick, tired and worn out. She doesn’t want to get up to drink, so I’ve been giving her syringes of water every hour or so.

Brni has to go back to VA tomorrow, so we’ll be on our own. This is not so different than when I nursed my babies through croup….just more fur.

No matter, I’m just thrilled she’s home.

love is a warm puppy

Loki got sick in the middle of the night and continued to get worse through the day. She kept throwing up and couldn’t manage to do her business, so I feared a blockage of some kind. My neighbor’s daughter was visiting her mom, so I asked her to come and check Loki out (she’s a vet). She agreed that it looked like some sort of blockage or possibly pancreatitis, and recommended that she be seen by her vet or go to the hospital. Being Sunday, I had to take her to the emergency vet hospital.

They did xrays, blood tests, etc. and put her on IV fluids because she was dehydrated from all the vomiting. My poor baby is spending the night in the hospital. She’ll have an ultrasound tomorrow in hopes of pinpointing what the problem is.

Of course, Brni is in VA, so I’m alone with worry tonight. I’ve only spent maybe 7 or 8 nights without Loki in the eight years we’ve had her. She sleeps with us at night, and when Brni is out of town, she keeps me warm.

I feel very alone.

dog day

Finally, a day without rain. Perfect day to take Loki and my camera to the park, or so I thought.

My first lesson of the day was that you can’t take a decent photograph while the dog tugs at the leash. Even if the leash is hooked to your waist rather than looped over your arm. The camera makes no distinction between one form of movement or the other…it all comes to a blurry end.

The second, and most alarming lesson was that Loki just doesn’t have the stamina for a walk around the park in 90 degree weather. After an hour or so it was obvious that she wasn’t going to make it back to the car. She was panting so heavily and having such trouble that even with frequent water and shade breaks, she was just plain done in. I finally poured most of the water over her head and belly and after letting her lie down for twenty minutes we managed to make it to the “Welcome Center” and an air conditioned lobby.

I met up with a park ranger who informed me that I was a good 2.5 miles from where I parked the car.

o dear

There was no way Loki could make it back under her own steam, so I called Brni. He dropped everything and dashed over to pick us up and drive us to my car.

From now on, Loki’s walks will be limited to our neighborhood and small shady parks close to home.

loki doesn’t have cancer!

but we still don’t know what is causing her pain. she’s on prednisone now, and it is helping. i think what’s going on is a slipped or bulging or otherwise damaged disk in her back. a friend of mine in Texas says she’s seen many instances of dogs assuming their owners physical problems. sigh…what a thing to share.

anyway, the next step is to consider whether to continue with diagnostic testing to pinpoint the trouble (at great financial cost) or make an educated assumption that with no evidence of cancer or arthritis, and given the symptoms presented that she has a disk problem and treat it as such.

so maybe veterinary chiropractic or acupuncture or an herbal approach? or all three?

all i know is i want my puppy to be her happy, pain-free self.


still waiting for the radiologist report from the vet. how long does it take to look at xrays and fax over a report? i know she’s *just a dog* but comeon???

i guess it doesn’t help that i’ve been fighting off an infection either.
i want to yell at somebody but i don’t have the strength.

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loki is sleeping and the rain is really white and flakey

loki had her xrays today, which were inconclusive. so the vet is sending them to a radiologist for an expert opinion, but her knees are fine, her spine seems fine, but on side of her pelvis was hard to read. we’re hoping it’s not a tumor. she’s sleeping off the sedative they gave her for her xrays, cuzz like, telling a dog to hold her breath and not move doesn’t work so well.

anyway, it will take about 5 days to hear back from the radiologist and til then she has tramadol for pain (same stuff they gave me right before my surgery), and then prednisone to start later on. my poor puppy!

and, the rain predicted for today has turned into about an inch of snow so far. it’s pretty, but i’m in no mood.

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