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fun with photoshop

so, i’ve been helping someone learn photoshop and while getting ready for a lesson on color, i started playing with the color replacement brush and this is what i ended up with. i call it toxic shock…or…maybe just purple tree…or…

murky water tint - fun w/photoshop

here’s the original.

murky water

in my dream

I saw a seated figure, draped with head down. As I approached, she stood up and as she raised her head, I had a sense she was the archetypal spirit of Praying Mantis.

praying mantis spirit

Full size on flickr (as usual).

urban faeries

After reading brni‘s story about the street faeries, I thought try to work up what urban faeries might look like. I know they don’t look at all like what brni described in his story…those guys will take a lot more thinking, but I kinda like these two little dudes.

urban faeries

as always, for a larger version, click on the picture and go to my flickr account.

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