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turkey vulture

so, here’s my latest attempt at making art. she’s 6 1/4″ tall including the base.

turkey vulture

turkey vulture

turkey vulture

the santas so far…

all are for gifting family and friends this christmas. i have more to do: a scottish santa for my sister and her scottish husband, a couple more for special friends, a frostie for my cousin and i might do a La Befana for a small friend. at the current rate of a santa a day, i may just finish!

santas 2008

what i’ve been doing…

i dunno…sometimes i think this is a good thing to pursue. other times…i think i suck.
some santas and frosties…

Santas & Frosties

Two Santas

some other stuff in various stages of undoneness…

In process...tree spirit

In process...

Treespirit with Squirrel

trouble with asses

so, there’s something wrong with my approach to armatures. i have made 3 little sculpts and apparently there was an air pocket that caused them to explode…out the ass section.


it seems i have trouble with asses.

luckily, polymer clay asses can be fixed, unlike traditional clay asses. but i still need to figure out what i’m doing wrong, though i’m sure it will all come out in the end.


polymer immersion

i’ve begun working in polymer clay–well–learning to work in polymer clay is more appropriate. i’ve had a couple false starts but i am totally consumed by working in 3 dimensions. i’ve never done any sort of sculpture before except for the occasional ashtray at summer camp.

i love it. but i’m also amazed at how totally different it is to work in space than on paper. there is no “illusion” in space. i can’t make it “seem” like a round thing…it has to BE a round thing.

so, i am working, thinking and even dreaming “in the round.”

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