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it was a dark and stormy day…

a very rainy day yesterday with much flooding in the area. got a shot of storm clouds rising up from the southern sky.

storm brewing

a closer look…
storm brewing

sunset after a trying day

Unseasonably warm, the day had been gray with a dismal, off-and-on rain. The weather reflected my depression after taking my demented father to his first visit with a neurologist to find out why he’s so mean and crazy.

Finally home and trying to decompress with a cup of tea, I looked out the back window to see jewel tones of blue, gold and crimson. I grabbed the camera in an attempt to combat and record this assault on my well-earned black mood.

There you go. A miserable day gone down in a blaze of glory.
the sunset sky behind the cut

sleety sky

I’m kinda proud of this one. Two days ago, in the lull between storms full of ice and rain, the sky was — majestic over our little village of Berwyn.

Sleeting sky

If you click on the picture and go to flickr, and then select the “original” size, you can see icicles on the branches of the trees. No cropping was done, just a bit of adjustment to the tone and clarity. It was a freaky day.

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