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new fun photography stuff

Just got some new software that works with Lightroom. It’s called ON1 and it’s proving to be rather fun to play with. Just a couple quick little shots of Loki with some ON1 enhancements, presets, and borders.


Loki, b&w “antique” preset, border.


Loki, old tintype border.

loki resting

Loki, b&w “antique” preset, border with slight opacity adjustment.

I’ve just started playing with the software so I have a lot to learn yet. It’s fairly easy to figure out and is highly customizable, so you aren’t stuck with a fixed set of anything.

fun stuff

ok, i’m happy

just got two new pieces of software…adobe lightroom and corel painter X. As a university retiree, i can still get software for the educational discount, which makes incredibly expensive software cheapcheapcheap.

*big grin*

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