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vultures have a patina

The vultures came through the fire intact. I was concerned about them cracking around the wings or necks, but apparently, the fire gods were smiling. I decided on a bronze-like patina for them, which I think came out okay. I see all the flaws, but I hope you don’t — or can at least forgive me for them. 

Now, I need to find a base to attach them to. I’m thinking simple but on the tall side. 

anyway…here they are.


vulture sculpt

I’m working on a few sculpts at once…two wall hangings, one of which is a vulture (surprised?) and this new little vulture I just finished and is now drying. Started out like an ordinary vulture and then I sat back, quit thinking and started poking, twisting, pushing and digging. So here’s the poor little guy, bowing his thanks (probably that I finally stopped the torture).

Vulture-giving thanks

Vulture-giving thanks

another vulture and no camera


since the last vulture encounter, i’ve been taking my camera with me everywhere i go.
no nothing.

so today, i go to the farm, forgetting my camera, and what happens? six black vultures cross my path causing me to slam on the breaks while they vulture-hop across the road to the very ripe lunch meat waiting for them in the field adjacent to the road.

did i mention i forgot my camera?

*another sigh*

attempted art

when brni gave me the wacom tablet it came with an older version of corel painter essentials (version 2). granted, painter essentials, at least this early version is very limited, but i really like the “natural” brushes. i’ve been playing with it a little bit, just to see how i might do art in a totally digital format and like it so much that i’ve ordered corel painter X. i’ve also been wanting to investigate vultures as a subject, so here’s my first couple attempts at it…
don’t laugh too hard, k?


so, i just realized how i’m going to approach my need to create art in homage of vultures.
i’ve had vultures in my head for about a year now and i’ve got sketches of vultures and images of vultures in my brain but for some reason i’ve not gone anywhere with it all.
but now, i know what to do.
i have bamboo
i have unstretched canvas
i have paints
i have a desire to remove as much structure as possible.
now, i just have to finish this stupid commissioned painting and i’m on my way to making vulture art.


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