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landlords, lawyers and welfare workers

Landlords, lawyers and welfare workers are all conspiring to bring me to tears. I find them all despicable and I hate everyone.

I had forgotten how thoroughly awful the welfare system is. They exist through intimidation and are structured to make people feel like dirtbags and thieves. Their premise is that everything you think is yours, everything you’ve worked for, really belongs to them and that when you request help from the medicare/medicaid system (you know — the one we have all paid into for all our working lives) you are nothing but a dirty beggar looking for a free lunch.

For those of you faced with looking for care for yourself or a loved one, remember–medicaid IS part of the welfare system and you will have to justify your very existence, with verifiable proof before they will give you any help at all. Most importantly, make sure that you give all your stuff away at least 3 to 5 years before you decide to become ill or infirm. If you don’t, your children will suffer. And if you are the caretaker? Set things up so that you get paid for your trouble, so that keeping what is yours doesn’t look like a “gift” for which you will have to give every dime back.


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