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brni’s left arm

a visual experience…


the break happened in 1993 when a semi decided not to stop at a red light, but brni’s car was in the way. there’s a story that goes with this…here it is:


still waiting for the radiologist report from the vet. how long does it take to look at xrays and fax over a report? i know she’s *just a dog* but comeon???

i guess it doesn’t help that i’ve been fighting off an infection either.
i want to yell at somebody but i don’t have the strength.

loki is sleeping and the rain is really white and flakey

loki had her xrays today, which were inconclusive. so the vet is sending them to a radiologist for an expert opinion, but her knees are fine, her spine seems fine, but on side of her pelvis was hard to read. we’re hoping it’s not a tumor. she’s sleeping off the sedative they gave her for her xrays, cuzz like, telling a dog to hold her breath and not move doesn’t work so well.

anyway, it will take about 5 days to hear back from the radiologist and til then she has tramadol for pain (same stuff they gave me right before my surgery), and then prednisone to start later on. my poor puppy!

and, the rain predicted for today has turned into about an inch of snow so far. it’s pretty, but i’m in no mood.

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