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a reasonably good day

The dreams that have plagued me for the past 3 or 4 nights have been intense and somewhat troubling, but I think with the moon waning, my nighttime excursions should even out a bit. Last night’s dream was vivid but lacked the power of the others, which is good because I woke a bit more relaxed and so had a reasonably good and productive day.

Managed to get all the errands done in an efficient manner. Hit the post office, pet food store, picked up my laptop from the “Computer Renaissance” repair shop, stopped at Whole Foods for a dinner for one type meal since Brni is down in Virginia (yet again). Made it home in time to log into my online, live herbalism class and then spent the next couple hours watering, weeding and generally poking around the yard.

I like poking around the yard. Makes me happy.

So there you have it….a reasonably good day.
Time for a reasonably good beer.

cleaning up

I love this time of year when the air turns brisk and the trees and plants send their energy down deep into the earth to rest. So, cleaning up the yard; making blankets of mulch from chopped up leaves to keep the perennials cozy; digging for dandelion, poke and comfrey roots after a good, hard frost; settling in, finally, to do things that take longer stretches of time: studying, making art, reading, thinking more deeply about things in the dark.

This will be my first winter without a parent. Facing the cold, dark time in the “front line” between this mortal life and all the rest of what is or is not. During this time of year when the veil between the worlds is thin … it seems even thinner when your parents are on the other side (whatever that side is). I feel exposed, but I also feel freer and — is it possible? — more powerful? expansive?


I have the whole winter to sort that one out.

But for now, there are some leaves in need of raking.

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